CERTIFICATO EQA n.QA110431_07-12-2014


Lepori Quality Policy is annually reviewed by the Management to verify its adequacy and to familiarize staff with the company’s business development goals.
LEPORI s.n.c. operates in a productive sector characterized by continuous technological development, increasingly stringent regulatory constraints in safety and environmental management, and on the needs of customers and the ever-evolving collectivities.
The Management of LEPORI s.n.c. It is perfectly aware that its presence on the market can be consolidated and expanded only through constant search for customer satisfaction, collectivity needs and of all interested parties by constant developing its organization and the working processes.

Due to these requirements and needs LEPORI Management s.n.c. has chosen to implement and develop within its organization a Quality Management System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001, for the purpose of:

  • involving All staff in the business process management;
  • Eliminating non-compliance through strategies and corrective and preventive actions;
  • Services and products characteristics improving;
  • Improve relationships with customers and suppliers;
  • Continuous checking fot safety standards, employees’ health and external environment.
  • To achieve these goals, the business summit has decided to set up and maintain a Quality Management System.
  • The good functioning of the System is under the responsibility of all staff, each one for their own competence. This system must absolutely be seen and lived as a corporate asset and at the same time as a dynamic guide for everyone, intended to be updated and improved by the results obtained and by those to be achieved.

To do all this, a department dedicated to corporate quality has been created by the General Directorate: this department has authority and organizational freedom to set up and enforce the procedures and to verify the correct application and effectiveness of the identified processes.

The Business Summit appoints the Quality Service Manager to ensure that the system is implemented and maintained in accordance with the correct requirements.
The company’s staff is fully responsible for constantly implementing the rules established by the management; on his side, management
undertakes to achieve the organization goals set and to review both objectives and working policy to ensure adequacy in changing times.


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